Responsibilities in Dorchester Quaker Meeting 2024

Marigold, Mike and Tess are Clerks for this year.

Tess and Rachel are Elders

Marigold and Jane look after the garden

Trevor is Treasurer

Alison looks after the list for welcoming, zoom monitor, chair setting out and refreshments for the weekly Meeting for Worship (more volunteers welcome)

Gill and Alison look after the library.

Margaret and Mike along with a group of Friends serve on the Meeting House Group which looks to the physical aspects of the property in Holloway Road.

Marigold keeps an eye on the website and convenes the communications sub-group

The meeting has shared pastoral care which currently is in the form of “looplets”.

Sarah is the Churches Together in Dorchester representative.

David is the Christian Aid representative.

John (JJ) is the Churches Ecology Group representative.